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Provident PMS products and offerings:

We offer range of products considering investors need and investment goal. We understand the objecyive of every client is different and they vary from Time and Trend, Age, and Startup Amount for the investment. We offer Discretionary, Non discretionary and administrative services to our esteemed investors.


Provident Merchant Discretionary Portfolio Management Service (P.M Discretionary PMS) offers professional management of client’s investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns by investing in equity, debt and related instruments. It relieves client from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility and makes it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors.

Full Access PMS account is discretionary-Growth Investment option. Investment portfoli is made on Fund manager and company sold discretion as per the porduct manual and investment policy. Timely profit booking and wealth creation over long term expectation is the object.It is specalist and research tracked account where "select right and sit tight" philosophy worksout. Quality Scrip or stocks is selected after expert views and research. Generally regular profit booking, Averaging, top up is done to revise and rebalancing the portfolio. Minimum amount is 5 lakhs for the operation and up to 90% of the fund is invested to equity market over the time. Recommended period of investment or tenure of perfomance is 2-3 years... Though is has high return exposure, we suggest customer to expect 20% only because the return from equity depended on market perfomance.
Focus-40 "suits both active and passive investors. Fund manger tracks market potential & take decision accordingly. Investor can participate during inception of portfolio and help white constructing portfoli design. Objective of this investment is capital appreciation (40%+-) modle. It is reinvestment scheme with lump sum investment option. Customer can enjoy credits facility against investment as well.
Focus 30 is predetermined selective products with active short team trade and profit booking perspective. Customer enjoy benefits of market volatility keeping restriction to 30%+-. A dedicated relationship manager focuses on sensitivity of the market function and also takes consent of investors while portfolio is constructed. Expected average return is 15-18%.
Youth + PMS account is a regular investment scheme where saving like bank deposit is invested into the market and until pre defined coups is formed. Choise of corpus should be 3lakhs, 5lakhs, 10lakhs and above.Client has option of investment period from 6 months, 1 year or 2 years of frequency and multiple of 10000 in frequent top up. Where principle and profit amount remain accumlated and regularly invested in cyclically order. The profit pay out falls only after said capital is formed.