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Depository participant’s services extends dematerializing of physical share certificates with ease of access.  We are certified Member of CDS Nepal and SEBON. Under DP Services we provide following services to the investors under Depository Participants:

  • Open De-mat account
  • De-materialization & Re-materialization of securities
  • Maintain the record of securities in the electric form
  • Settlement trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO accounts,
  • Settlement of off-market trades that is occurred between BOs outside NEPSE
  • Provide electronic credit of securities allotted by issuers during IPOs
  • Deposit o the non-financial corporate benefits (such as: bonus, right shares, etc.) issued by issuers in the De-Mat account of BO,
  • Facilitation in the pledge/unpledged/freeze/unfreeze etc. of dematerialized securities.

In Addition,

  • WE Guide and create Awareness among prospective investor though a unique investment services though Early Portfolio Management Service (EPMS) for learners and new entrant to market.
  • We Provide FREE Portfolio Tracker by just paying Very Minimal cost of RS 200/- one Time Cost.
  • Member will gets research Tips and Update & additionally free training 7 Days FCA Training.
  • Range of Demat Accounts and services are Available with us for Differs Class of Customer.

Choose & open Your Demat Accounts Instant.

  1. Regular Demat with EPMs Facility:  To Open Account Now  Click Here  
    It is an ordinary Demat Account similar to other banks or DP is available in market. Generally suit for General customers and wish to wish to experience primary cum secondary Market experience as the own. They open, operate and monitor as their own idea through Demat Account. 
    Suggested Minimal Amount of investment:  5000/- and above to any amount.

  2. Premier Demat or Demat + EPMS Service:  To Open Account Now  Click Here

    Customer enjoy free advice, create portfolio, and invest on regular basis.  Facilitates trading cum De-mat service for passive investors at door step.
    Min Amt of investment:  50000/- and above to any amount.

  3. College student Demat & EPMSTo Open Account Now Click Here

    Mainly focused on students who can invest with their little savings. To create corpus of wealth in long term.
    Min Amt of investment:  2500/- and above to any amount. (Monthly /quarterly)

  4. Professional PMS Linked Demat: To Open Account Now Click Here
    It is for the professionals Like Doctor, CA, ITs, and Govt.  Employees Teachers Generally for working s Segment - PMS linked De- mat pay on performance Basis and all other administrative and clerical services will be free.
    Min Amt of investment:  300000/- and above to any amount. (Monthly /Quarterly)

  5. Institutional Demat Service:   This is Demat allows all type of Institutions to invest into secondary market we extends data analytics and research updated periodically at Zero Cost.

* All EPMs is Charge free Service. On Earning, only 2 % is charged.     

Security Trading is associated with Market Risk. Investor s are advised to take their free & independent decision before Investing. We Provide No promises or Guarantee of Return in any of   the Product and service in any market. Our suggestion and research finding are for our personal usage.