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Portfolio Managment Service is a tailor made professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes. The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment fo clients, The clients can be individuals or institutuins entities with high net worth or saving. In simple words, a portfolio management service provides professional managment of your hard earned surplus fund or saving through identifying potential pocket of investments to create more wealth.

Why PMS Account?

  • PMS provides a hassle-free, transparent and customized platform for investor participation in equity markets. For those investors who are actively tracking the markets and like to understand how their money is being managed, PMS offers a great plateform.
  • PMS is complete Risk Diversified account.
  • It is professionally managed account.
  • High scope of earning.
  • PMS always ensure superior return than bank interest is paid; Industry average expected return is as low as 18% to 20%. In most of the conservation and high volatile market to any investments with minimum time frame of the three years and more.
  • You can start your portfolio account at rupees 3 lakhs and higher at any time.
  • Three is always option of top-up and regular systematic investment plan while building corpus.
Category of Product and Pattern of Fund Allocation.

  Growth FundBalanced Fund
Equity 80-90% 50-60%
Cash 10-20%  
Fixed income/ debt/ govt security/ Fixed Deposit 10%** 40-50%
Minimum Investment 300,000/- 300,000/-
Recommended Performance Period 2-3 years (preferably 5 yeats) 2-3 years
Withdrawal of profit* yes available (Qtr./Half/Yearly/ Basis) yes


Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Non-discretionary Portfolio Management Service